Heart is that organ in our body which purifies, pumps and circulates blood.

Blood is known by the name Raktha in Smskrt. Raktha means nourishment, desire, red and blood. Blood is also called Lohini in Smskrt, for, it contains loha, iron. In the Greek language it is referred to as haem for iron. It is from the word “haem” that we get the word “haemoglobin”.

Heart - “Hrdayam”

The blood is continuously circulated in our body by our heart. The very word “heart” traces its etymological roots to the Smskrt word “hrdayam”. The word “hrdayam” is a technical word derived from the functionality of the heart.

“Hrdayam” - Give, Take, Circulate

Harathi, means “to take” and from which is taken the syllable “Hr”.

Dadathi means “to give” from which is taken the syllable “da”. The word “Dhana”, meaning “donation”, comes from the same root.

Yathi, Yam means to circulate, to regulate. The activity of circulation is called Yam.

When we join the syllables, Hr + Da + Yam, we get the technically coined word “Hrdayam”, which brings to us the functioning aspect of the heart. So the word Hrdayam not only denotes the heart but also explains what the heart does.

Lets appreciate the knowledge of our ancestors who had understood the heart and given it an apt name.

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