Sri Padmanabha: Lord Vishnu with lotus-sized navel

Depiction of  Sri Padmanabha (Lord Vishnu)
Based on the description in scriptures, idols and paintings of different Gods and Goddesses were developed and portrayed by our ancestors.

The painter portrayed Lord Vishnu like this - there is a sheer sagar (ocean of milk) with a bed of snakes, on which Maha Vishnu, the lord, rests. 

Sheer sagar is the blissful mind, the mind in which waves of contentment arise. 

God is sleeping - Wake him up!

God sleeps only in India. Here, as we know that God is sleeping, we don’t have any fear. We believe that since God is sleeping, we can get away with anything.

Have you ever thought about this? This is a very deep topic. God is sleeping, and you are awake. Here people follow rituals to wake up God by wishing him good morning, singing Suprabhatams, Balaji Suprabhatam, doing Devi jagran singings, ringing bells etc. This seems so crazy, how can we wake up God? Is not it his duty to wake us up? 

Scholars have established this – Humanity wakes up first and then they awaken God. This is a unique ritual among humans. Yet, there is something very subtle in this.

A PM we miss - Lal Bahadur Shastri

Lal Bahadur Shastri was the Prime Minister of India at a crucial time in India's history. 

He was in office from 9 June 1964 – 11 January 1966, just for 18 months as PM. He died a death of conspiracy which remains hidden in history even today...

After the Chinese aggression of 1962, when India's confidence in her strength had been shaken, Pakistan was creating trouble along the borders.

In September 1965 there was a large-scale invasion of the territory by Pakistani soldiers in the Chhamb area. War broke out all along the Cease-fire Line on the Kashmir border.In addition to this, there was the threat posed by the Chinese on the northern borders of India.