Guru Gobind Singh

Guru Gobind Singh Ji (1666 -1708) was the Tenth of the Eleven Sikh Gurus. Born in Patna, Bihar in India, he was also a Warrior, Poet and Philosopher.

His life was full of courage, valour, wisdom, sacrifice and devotion. He fought for the helpless and against injustice of the people of his time. The Divine brilliance shining through him, he was a lamp of wisdom who lit thousands of ignorant hearts and guided them to live a virtuous life.

Diwali - You must know

The ancient stories in India are divided as:
  1. Itihasa - meaning which actually happened
  2. Puranas - mythological, symbolic stories meaning absolutely new and fresh in Sanskrit.
The symbolic stories are ever new and fresh and the meaning wrapped in them needs to be decoded. It is said that when one meditates and contemplates on them, the essence of these stories is revealed to him.

The celebrations of Diwali and the associated past events and stories are very special as they make us aware of the profound truth of life.

The Diwali festivities start from the 13th day of the fortnight of the waning moon.

DAY 1 - Dhantrayodashi
DAY 2 – Naraka Chaturdashi
DAY 3 - Lakshmi Puja
DAY 4 – Varshapratipada
DAY 5 - Bhai-dooj

Diwali - The festival of Inner Lights

Diwali is the commemoration of the light of wisdom in our lives. Lamps are lit on this day not just to decorate homes, but also to communicate this profound truth of life.

Though Diwali is popularly known as the "festival of lights", the most significant spiritual meaning is "the awareness of the inner light" which  seems to be lost somewhere today.

This Diwali,
Light the lamp of love in your heart;
the lamp of abundance in your home;
the lamp of compassion to serve others;
the lamp of Knowledge to dispel the darkness of ignorance;
and the lamp of gratitude for the abundance that the Divine has bestowed on us.

Know the symbolisms behind traditions:


Our country is a land of celebrations.

Our Rishis,the ancient scientists, were very intelligent.What they did is they wrapped the knowledge and wisdom about this universe, life, science, spirituality, consciousness very beautifully into celebrations.

Every festival we celebrate has got a deeper meaning than we know of it today.Somewhere the depth of celebration seems to be lost and we tend to blindly celebrate and perform festivals, pujas, rituals without knowing its meaning and why we are doing it.

'Revival of True India’ would try to reveal the secrets behind these celebrations and the hidden facts which seem to be lost in time…