Ramayana - The spiritual side

Though Ramayana is history, it is also an eternal phenomenon happening all the time.

Ra means radiance, Ma means myself. Rama means ‘the light inside me’. 

Rama was born to Dasharath and Kousalya. Dasharath means ‘Ten Chariots’. The ten chariots symbolize  the five organs of perception (the five senses) and five organs of knowledge and action (For instance: reproduction, legs, hands and so on). Kousalya means ‘skill’.

 Ayodhya means ‘a society in which there is no violence’. If you skillfully observe what goes on inside the body, light dawns inside you. That is meditation. You need some skill to relax the tension. Then you start expanding.

Devi/shakti lives in lemon?

It is said devi/energy/shakti lives in lemon. Lemon is associated with Mother Divine whose job is to destroy rakshasas. Lemon sustains life and destroys enemies, that is, harmful toxins, viruses, bacteria in our body.