Wear a Bindi – Adore yourself

Significane of Bindi

Why wear a Bindi?

1) It’s a sign of your Indianness
It’s a mark/symbol which differentiates you from

Medieval India - Quotable Quotes

Marco Polo

He was one of the earliest European travellers to India in medieval times. He came to India after travelling much of Asia. He visited only the Malabar region of India and describes it as

“the most prosperous of all, in the world he had seen”.
His description of India was as follows:
“Millions of precious gems
Millions of gold coins
Millions of miles of fertile country
Millions of amazing people”

All this is mentioned in his bestseller book of 1300s, “Travels of Marco Polo” by Rusticiano.

Bharat, Hindustan and India

Do you know?

India’s official name is Bharat and this is accorded equal primacy as the word India in the Constitution. In fact the First Clause of the Constitution begins with the words: India, that is Bharat,….

In Sanskrit, ‘Bha’ means Light and Knowledge while ‘rata’ means “Devoted”. Bharat means "devoted to light/knowledge". The name "Bharat" is symbolic in nature revealing the quest of knowledge and the spiritual/scientific prosperity of this country.